jordan and shaye's engagement

Hiring a photographer to capture one of the most important and special moments of your life is a must! 

Jordan did just that. He definitely did not want Shaye to have any kind of suspicion about why they are doing an impromptu photoshoot, so we had to be sneaky. We had to make sure Shaye did not think Jordan was up to anything. So, I happily obliged by pretending I was a newbie photographer taking pictures of random people on the beach. Pretending to not know Jordan (or his entire family who were all there as well), I was walking around on the beach taking random photos. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I did not want to mess up the surprise!

Under the bridge, I went over to ask Jordan and Shaye if they would want some photos taken. Shaye was definitely confused, but agreed. We took some cutesy couples photos, and then I put myself in position for the big moment.

I asked Shaye to turn around and face the ocean, as I snapped a few more shots. Jordan then got down on one knee, and tapped her shoulder. She turned around, and was completely shocked to see him proposing! He said some romantic words to her, and asked her to marry him. She said YES! The whole family got to be there to see this amazing moment, and I was honored to play a small part in the surprise (while also capturing the cutest moment of all time).

This was one of those shoots I will remember forever. Capturing the pure emotion, completely raw and authentic. The absolute head over heels kind of love Shaye and Jordan have for one another. This is why I love my job. 

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