Savannah ferry elopement

I had always wanted to visit the beautiful city of Savannah. It's known for its art culture, history, and adorable ferry boats. I easily could have spent 2 weeks there... and I would 100% move there if I had the opportunity. Well, at the end of February I got the chance to visit. I took part in an amazing styled shoot there, involving 5 different couples and a bunch of photographers. This wonderful content day was hosted by the lovely Sarah Mountain Photography (@sarahmtnphotog), and Mackenzie Shaeffer Photography (@mackenzieshaeffer_photography). 

I could not have been more thrilled to make this little road trip to Savannah. It wasn't hard to convince my fiancĂ©, Mark, to join either (as he is an avid golfer and had always wanted to golf in Savannah). We made a little weekend trip out of it, and I already can't wait to go back. Anyways, it was a mere 6 hour drive from Jacksonville, NC - so I was very happy to have some company on my little road trip!  

On Saturday, the entire day was spent traveling around to different parts of Savannah with other photographers, and taking beautiful photos of cute couples. BEST DAY EVER. We wont talk about how sore my feet were by the end of the day, and the gigantic blisters that formed from not wearing the proper footwear... (guys, ALWAYS wear the proper footwear)! 

The ferry elopement was one of the highlights of my trip. It was the shoot I was most excited about - not only because I absolutely friggen LOVE elopements, but also because FERRY BOATS. The ferry boats are such an iconic part of Savannah, and they are so unique and adorable. But, parking is a pain in the butt so I highly recommend putting on proper footwear and WALKING to the Riverwalk :). We made it to the ferry and Bekah and Kam met us there. The beautiful Bekah was wearing this stunning dress made by @mckenzielynnfashion98. She is in school for fashion, and created this piece for a project. We were SO lucky to be able to use it for this shoot! Its sooo pretty. I want it in my closet.

Anyways, back to the styled shoot. Bekah and Kam are so adorable together. They are already engaged, and planning on getting married soon!  We were thrilled that they offered to model for this shoot. Needless to say, they were a big source of entertainment for the other spectating ferry passengers. No one really expects to see a bride and groom on a ferry, with 8 photographers surrounding them taking a million pictures! This shoot especially made me love elopements even more than I already do. It's 100% YOUR day, and you can make it as unique to your relationship as you want. If there's something, or some place that is meaningful in your relationship... why not elope there?! Or, if there's a beautiful place you have always wanted to visit, WHY NOT ELOPE THERE (and invite me to tag along and take your pictures/be your witness... *cough, cough*). 

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the Talmadge Memorial Bridge made for the perfect backdrop. There's also a really large ferry boat called the Georgia Queen that passed by a couple times, and was so pretty in the background of some of the pictures. My favorites are the ones inside the boat, and through the window. And, well.. all of them. 

Ok, I also promised some recommendations for you if you plan to visit Savannah. Some of the more local photographers that I had the pleasure of working with that day, had quite a few recommendations. ALL of them recommended a restaurant called "Hitch", and said we had to get the Nachos... so we did. 11/10 for the Nachos. The restaurant itself is also super cute and has tons of character. We also went over to a bar called Zunzi's, which had little igloos to sit in outside to keep you warm, and a really cook ski-lodge theme for wintertime. On Friday night, we walked around and came across a brewery called Service, which we ended up going to twice. We really liked it. On Sunday, we went for coffee and breakfast at Savannah Coffee Roasters. I had a really delicious breakfast sandwich and coffee. They have cute little couches in there and just a nice atmosphere. 

OK, that's all! I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you plan on eloping in Savannah - or anywhere for that matter - I hope you'll invite me to tag along! 

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